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Welcome to Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. Legend has it that the city of Lisbon was founded by the mythical Greek hero Ulysses. True or not, the fact is that Lisbon’s history goes back to the time of Phoenicians and Carthaginians. Conquered by Rome, invaded by North Europeans and finally, reconquered from the Moors by Portugal’s first king in 1147, we can proudly say that Lisbon is a city rich in history and with traces from many different cultures.

Lisbon was considered “capital of the world” in the 15th and 16th century, time of the Portuguese Discoveries. It possesses an extremely eventful history which puts together Jews, Arabs, French and Italian Artists, English and Dutch traders and, in the 70’s, a lot of people from the former Portuguese colonies.

The last few years have witnessed an unusual cultural “wave” which has turned our beautiful Lisbon into one of Europe’s most interesting, vibrant and (still) unknown capitals. Representing the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, history and architecture, Fado and gastronomy, sunshine and sea, Lisbon includes all that other capitals have … and a little extra and special something.

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