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Welcome to Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. Legend has it that the city of Lisbon was founded by the mythical Greek hero Ulysses. True or not, the fact is that Lisbon’s history goes back to the time of Phoenicians and Carthaginians. Conquered by Rome, invaded by North Europeans and finally, reconquered from the Moors by Portugal’s first king in 1147, we can proudly say that Lisbon is a city rich in history and with traces from many different cultures.

Lisbon was considered “capital of the world” in the 15th and 16th century, time of the Portuguese Discoveries. It possesses an extremely eventful history which puts together Jews, Arabs, French and Italian Artists, English and Dutch traders and, in the 70’s, a lot of people from the former Portuguese colonies.

The last few years have witnessed an unusual cultural “wave” which has turned our beautiful Lisbon into one of Europe’s most interesting, vibrant and (still) unknown capitals. Representing the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, history and architecture, Fado and gastronomy, sunshine and sea, Lisbon includes all that other capitals have … and a little extra and special something.

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What’s On in Lisbon

Lisbon in February

February is the “heart month” and in this time Lisbon is full of love and joy! Not to be missed: – The Tallest Man on Earth concert at Aula Magna on 6th February, – A romantic dinner at the “Alma” restaurant by the chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, – António Zambujo & Miguel Araújo in concert […]

Lisbon in March

It is in March when Spring arrives in Lisbon. Days get longer, with sunshine and more colorful. Don’t miss the Brazilian joyful voice and rhythms of Seu Jorge at Meo Arena and the expected concert of Eagles of Death Metal at the Coliseu de Lisboa on the 5th March. Also enjoy an afternoon picnic with […]

Lisbon in April

The month of April is perfect for a Spring Break. The temperature rises nicely what means that is perfect for a tour in the streets of Lisbon. Don’t miss the internationally recognized Portuguese fado singer Ana Moura concert on 9th at Meo Arena, soul/jazz performance of Fat Freddy’s Drop on the 12th April at Coliseu de Lisboa and […]

Lisbon in January

Lisbon in January is full with a warm delicious winter sun and beautiful landscapes. Not to be missed: – The New Year’s Concert presented by the Metropolitan Lisbon Orchestra at CCB on 1st of January; – Mamma Mia at Campo Pequeno from 12th to 17th January; – Permanent or temporary exhebitions from Berardo Collection Museum; […]

Lisbon in December

Lisbon in December is dressed for Christmas and it’s even more magical! Not to be missed: – Videomapping “As Portas Encantadas” at Terreiro do Paço on 11th to 20th December; – The 3rd Discoveries Half Marathon on 6th December; – Mariza with Mundo Tour on 7th December; – Natalis – a Christmas Fair on 4th […]

Lisbon in November

November’s calendar in Lisbon is packed with diverse festivals and cultural events around the city. Not to be missed: Belle and Sebastian concert on 12th November The traditional trams, Grabbing a “Pastel de Bélem” while contemplating the “Mosteiro de Belém”, Go shopping at Avenida da Liberdade Visit the fashion museum MUDE

Lisbon in October

October is a pretty live moment in Lisbon with lots of events taking place. Not to be missed: Há Fado no Cais “There is Fado in Cais”, is an event hosted by the Fado Museam and CCB , bringing together the best Fado singers. On the of 3rd October the magnificent Aldina Duarte is acting […]

Lisbon in September

In September the dormant city becomes vibrant once again. Not to be missed:   . Lisbon’s Architecture Trienale –12 – 15 . Diana Krall at the Meo Arena – 24 . Happy Holi, the colour festival at the University Stadium no Estádio (reggae, hip-hop, world music, lots of dance and fun) – 14 . Festival […]

Lisbon in August

August is a quiet month in Lisbon. Many inhabitants go on holidays and streets are empty of people and traffic (which is actually much better to appreciate the city details!). Make the most of this month to enjoy belvederes and esplanades or take a car and drive about 20 km to any of the beaches […]